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privacy policy

Important information

Huarui Technology attaches great importance to your privacy. The "Privacy Policy" (hereinafter referred to as "this policy") is intended to explain how Hangzhou Huarui Technology Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and all its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as "Huarui Technology" or "We") will collect, Store, use, disclose, share, transfer your information.

Please read this policy carefully before using any website, software or other services provided by Huarui Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Huarui Technology"). Your use will be deemed to accept this policy and agree that Huarui Technology will collect, store, use, disclose, share and transfer your information in accordance with this Policy. in case

Some of the terms of this policy are incomplete or out of date, or you may need to modify this policy in consideration of your interests, and Huarui Technology may at any time revise this policy. If Huatui Technology makes a significant change to this policy, we will issue the latest revised policy on the official website, and the new policy will take effect immediately after release.

What information do we collect?

When you use (including the use of your connected products) HuaruiTong Technology Service, Huarui Technology will collect your information, including personal information and non-personal information, based on the purpose and method of this policy.

Personal information refers to data that is relevant to a particular natural person and can be identified in conjunction with other information to identify the particular natural person, including but not limited to your name, date of birth, mailing address, telephone number, email address, payment information, video content containing personal information Wait.

Non-personal information refers to access data (such as the type of browser) that uses data that, in itself, can not be directly linked to any particular person, such as occupation, language, zip code, area code, serial number, URL, Domain name, page number, referral page, IP address and page navigation), product and the unique product identifier of your mobile device, video content that does not contain personal information, country and time zone where the product is located, geolocation, mobile Telephone operator identification, device software platform and hardware information.

How do we collect information

Huarui Technology collects your personal information in the following ways:

§ When you use Huarui Technology products to activate the product:

When you install and activate the product, if the product needs to be connected to Huarui Technology and bind it to your account, we may ask you to provide some basic information about the product, such as product name, product verification code And serial number.

§ When you save your video using Huarui Technology:

When you save content via HuaruiTong Technology Service, such as video clips, video streaming, images (user content), we will collect personal information so that you can save user content.

§ When you contact us for support:

When you reply to our mail, contact our after-sales service, or use our user support tools, we need to collect your information to provide you with support, use your account information to verify your identity and confirm your product.

Huarui Technology will collect your non-personal information in the following ways:

§ When you use HuaruiTong technology services to help us understand your use of behavior, to enhance the Huarui technology services and provide you with after-sales service:

When you use Huarui Technology, we usually collect industry-standard non-personal information. We collect this information to give you a better experience, to prevent misuse and to ensure that our services can be used properly. We may also

Will record you through the Huarui technology services on the product made some adjustments. We will store the collected non-personal information along with the information collected directly from the product. If you have questions about your mobile device's security and privacy settings, please review your mobile service provider or your mobile device manufacturer's instructions to adjust your settings.

We will also use cookies, website beacons, pixel tags and other techniques to record, store your settings, improve our advertising performance and collect some non-personal information such as log data and device data. In particular, the cookies we use allow us to link your Huarui Technology services to our account information or other information we store during your use of HuaruiTong Technology Services, which can help us Better understand your use, judge and solve your problems, and help us manage and enhance our products and products. The use of cookies can also help you to better use our Huarui technology services.

§ When your user content flows into Huarui Technology:

When you use the product's recording or streaming media features, we may record and transmit video and / or audio directly from the product. This may include screenshots and attach some screenshots to the notification sent by the message, analyze the data to confirm your purpose, and so on. We may send you information from your product so that you can notify you when there is a situation.your choice

We believe that if we know you and your preferences better, you will enjoy a better personalized user experience. Of course, you can also set up your account to limit the information you provide to us and the information we sent to you.

Cookies and tracking

You can manage your mobile and browser cookies by adjusting privacy and security settings. Considering the difference between mobile devices and browsers, check out your mobile device and browser's manual to learn about cookies and other required privacy and security settings. If you choose to block the use of cookies, this may affect your use of HuaruiTong Technology Services.

At this time, you can not set up our data collection and use as "Do not follow".

Device data

You can manage your device data provided to us via mobile devices and mobile browsers by setting up privacy and security on mobile devices. Check with your mobile service provider or device manufacturer to learn how to adjust your settings.

How do we use information

In order to give you a better user experience, Huarui Technology may collect your personal information for the following purposes, including but not limited to:

§ implementation, maintenance, improvement, development of Huarui technology services and products;

§ enhance the security of Huarui technology services and products, such as user authentication, security, fraud detection, archiving and backup;

§ Conduct internal purposes such as auditing, analysis and customer research;

(Eg, reminders, technical notices, updates, alerts, support and management of news, service announcements, newsletters, newsletters, newsletters, newsletters, newsletters, newsletters, newsletters) And other news). Since the notice is important to your communication with Huarui Technology, you can not cancel these notifications.

Huarui Technology will send you new products and services via e-newsletter unless you cancel your subscription. We will also use information collected in accordance with this policy in the context of obtaining your consent or to the extent permitted by law.

How do we share information?

We may share your personal information in the following circumstances:

§ If the affiliated company of Huarui Technology is required to use your personal information for the purpose of this policy, we will share it with it;

§ We will entrust service providers, suppliers, technicians and other third parties to help us to transfer, store and protect your part of the data, which will help us to effectively manage the Huarui technology services and products. These third parties are unable to use your information, except for the foregoing purposes and for the protection of your personal information;

§ If we kindly believe that the law obliges us to provide your information to a third party. For example, to comply with legal requirements and government orders; to respond to summonses or similar legal procedures, including the law of the country in which we operate

Legal institutions, regulatory bodies and the courts; to protect the interests of users of Huarui technology services; to respond to third-party claims that they consider the use of HuaruiTong Technology to infringe their rights; and to protect HuaruiTong Technology in case of emergency User or public health and safety; or to comply with our service agreement.

§ If Huaritong Technology and / or all or part of the assets are sold or transferred, your personal information may be part of the sale or transfer;

§ If we are in good faith that the law requires or permits, we will share the information in order to protect our legitimate business interests. For example, in order to support auditing, law enforcement and corporate governance, we will share the necessary personal information; anti-fraud or anti-crime activities; to protect the rights of Huarui Technology and its affiliated companies and users; or to share information with Huarui Tong Technology-related part of the proceedings.

We will also disclose or disclose your personal information to third parties, such as:

§ the same reason for sharing personal information;

§ To better understand the customer's use of our products and products in order to optimize your user experience, enhance our products or provide better service;

§ for our own research and data analysis purposes;

§ Our suppliers need to analyze and research needs; or

§ enable us to better implement targeted content.

Protection of personal information

Huarui Technology implements commercially reasonable management, technical and physical safety measures to protect the user's personal information. We will also regularly check and evaluate the effectiveness of our safety measures. In a timely manner, for the purposes stated in this Policy, Huarui Technology will retain your personal information for a certain period of time. But the Internet transmission method or electronic storage method is not 100% safe. Please understand that although Huarui Technology has made great efforts to protect your personal information, Huarui Technology still can not ensure that your personal information is absolutely safe under the existing safety and technical measures. Your personal information may Because of force majeure or non-Huarui technology reasons for the various types of security issues have been leaked, stolen, etc., you agree that Huarui Technology can be caused by the loss caused by you. If you have any questions about the safety of our Huarui Technology services, you can contact us by phone or email from your country's Huarui Technology support information.

Access and change your personal information

Save your personal information to help us provide you with some of the services you need most. You can access and update your personal information through your account. When you make an account setup, account logout and delete your current text

And data, we may not be able to delete the previous communication record. In addition, due to some of our service reasons, after you delete some information, we may temporarily retain the backup of this information until the most permanent deletion.

We will keep your personal information during the duration of your account or during your service, and for the purpose of maintaining a communication record required for your financial report. In order to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreement with you, we will also retain and use your personal information.

Minors' privacy

Huarui Technology will not provide any HuaruiTong technology services to any child under the age of 18 (or similar minimum age stipulated by the relevant jurisdiction). If we find that any account is associated with or registered with a child under the age of 18 (or a similar minimum age as provided by the relevant jurisdiction), we will immediately delete the relevant account information. If you are a child parent or supervisor who is under 18 years of age (or a similar minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction) and that your child has disclosed her / her personal information to us, please pass the appropriate country Technology support information on the phone or mail contact us. Children under 18 years of age (or similar minimum age required by the relevant jurisdiction)

The supervisor can check and request the removal of his child's personal information and prohibit us from using it.

Contact information

If you have any questions about our privacy practices or this policy, please contact us. You can find our contact number or email address in the country's support information. Please contact us: (1) your name (name) and contact information; (2) your detailed requirements or the corresponding website links and comments.