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Shenzhen huaruicom Technology Co.Ltd. is recruiting the following staff

Sales Manager

Number of recruits: 5 people

Job Responsibilities:

1, according to the company's overall sales strategy, customer resource development;

2, make an appointment and visit customers, aggregate and analyze customer needs and provide related services;

3, according to customer cooperation intention and product functional requirements, to assess the offer and the contract negotiations;

4, follow up the progress of development and related business and technical services matters;

5, product-related feedback and reply to customer-related inquiries, customer related to the maintenance of other related work.

6, customer payment tracking and regular return customers.

7, with security experience, familiar with laser night vision, thermal imaging, long-distance monitoring priority


1, male or female, secondary school or higher, professional limited;

2, the electronics industry or Internet products sales more than two years work experience;

3, there is a strong desire for success, full of energy, good image quality;

4, with good communication skills and ability to negotiate, affinity, positive and progressive.

5, with or without experience, customers have excellent resources to hire.

Quality management

Number of recruits: 2 people

Job requirements:

1, the completion of product-related product testing work;

2, responsible for the quality of product-related documents and records of maintenance and control;

3, participate in quality analysis, the preparation of quality control plan, design quality control card, to determine the quality control point;

4, control procedures to ensure the quality of the process and the final test control;

5, responsible for product quality status identification work, strict control of bad products;

6, coordinate the relevant departments to analyze the quality of the problem and monitor the implementation of measures to improve the effectiveness and effectiveness;

7, continue to monitor the progress of all quality objectives, to fulfill the necessary improvement measures.


1, have quality related work experience for more than 3 years;

2, familiar with video surveillance industry;

3, a lens, depending on the camera related work experience is preferred;

4, before the quality of consciousness, to deal with abnormal quality of affairs, team spirit, strong coordination, strong communication skills

Technical Support

Number of recruits: 2 people

Job Responsibilities:

1. To undertake video surveillance products and solutions for technical support work;

2. Responsible for monitoring the technical problems of products processing, major project protection;

3. Responsible for the preparation and training of technical data of video surveillance products.

4. Relevant industry experience 5 years or more.

Job requirements:

1, college and above, more than three years of video surveillance products, technical support work experience;

2, with tender writing ability, and strong ability to propose;

3, a strong professionalism and a high sense of responsibility, can withstand greater work pressure;

4, can adapt to travel;

The above positions are long term. Contact: Ren total Tel: 0755-86518800 E-mail: