bob手机版登陆软件的研发,生产和销售。产品主要应用于森林防火预警,边海防视频监控,机场安全,电力在线测温,智慧城市,等高端安防领域,在光电超远距离监控领域一直处于业界领先地位。" />
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HRT(HUARUICOM)(Shenzhen huaruicom Technology Co., Ltd.) has been committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of infrared optoelectronic products and industry solutions, focusing on thermal imaging products, laser night vision products, telephoto optical lens, photoelectric control systems and industry systems management Software research and development, production and sales, in the field of long-range photoelectric monitoring has been in the industry leading position.

HRT is located in Longhua New District, Shenzhen Qinghu Science and Technology Park, the company covers an area of 1,600 square meters, the registered capital of 12 million. Has a fully functional, well-equipped industrial base and technology research and development center. At the same time, the company adopted the international modern management mode, has achieved ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system, the military standard quality management system certification GJB9001-B and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification, fundamentally guarantee the company's health development of. huaruicom has dozens of software copyright and a number of national patents, the company is a state-level high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, Shenzhen double soft enterprises, Shenzhen wisdom and security industry associations governing units, access to China's smart city Recommended brand, security industry innovation product award, China's most valuable investment enterprises and many other industry awards. (China RoHS), and through the European CE certification, the United States FCC certification, Designed to provide customers with high quality and competitive products. November 30, 2015, Huaruicom in Shenzhen equity trading center successfully listed, stock code 666587.

And the road of independent intellectual property rights. The company has completely independent intellectual property rights of the core products, some technology ranks in the industry leader. Huaruicom has the industry's leading independent core technology and sustainable research and development capabilities, specializing in thermal imaging movement, infrared thermal imager, intelligent photoelectric turntable, laser night vision camera, thermal imaging visible light dual spectral intelligent PTZ camera, multi-spectral Intelligent early warning PTZ camera, thermal imaging PTZ camera, laser night vision law enforcement instrument, telephoto optical lens, forest fire early warning command management system, GIS geographic information system, forest fire fireworks intelligent identification system, airport visual flight safety management system Coastal defense early warning management and command system, power online temperature warning management system and other industry solutions. At the same time Huaruicom as Japan YAMAKO lens distributor in China, solely responsible for YAMAKO lens sales in China, technical support and so on. At the same time access to authorized agents of the products are: FUJINON, PENTAX, KOWA telephoto lens; Poland SONEL infrared thermal imager, infrared night vision products in China's general agent.

HRT Products and solutions are widely used in the following areas: forest fire, railway along the integrated video surveillance, airport runway road foreign body detection and identification monitoring system, aircraft landing safety photoelectric tracking monitoring system, airport perimeter security night vision monitoring system, Remote monitoring and management system for marine remote sensing and surveillance, remote monitoring system for remote monitoring of maritime environment monitoring and management system, marine fishery and aquaculture area remote day and night monitoring and management system, national coastline safety monitoring and management system; maritime Remote monitoring and management system, remote monitoring and management system for cross-river and cross-sea bridge; remote monitoring and management system for waterway safety and water search and rescue command; remote control and management system Monitoring and management system; national border coastal defense long-range warning day and night monitoring and management system; people's air defense and security city high-altitude monitoring system; ship fog aerial navigation monitoring system: ocean ship anti-piracy night vision warning monitoring system, Patrol boats, law enforcement boats, ships, sea patrol, maritime police, sea surveillance and other fog and night vision monitoring system; urban high-rise building fire alarm linkage command remote day and night monitoring system; urban disaster prevention and anti-terrorism high-altitude monitoring system; Remote monitoring and management system for the safety and remote control of reservoirs, dams and lakes, and the safety of the offshore oil spill detection system, offshore oil exploration and offshore drilling platforms, offshore wind power generation and offshore construction operations. Remote monitoring and management system; oil pipeline and natural gas pipeline safety remote monitoring and management system; oilfield production base night anti-theft early warning monitoring and management system, oil, chemical storage base explosion-proof fire alarm day and night monitoring and management system; environmental protection and wildlife protection monitoring and management system ; Remote monitoring and management system of landslide and landslide disaster; remote monitoring and management system for flood control and drought prevention and water disaster prevention and control; remote monitoring and management system of hydrological and meteorological monitoring and disaster early warning; Day and night monitoring and management system; national key cultural relics protection remote monitoring and management night vision systems.