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R & D Strength

Shenzhen huaruicom Technology Co., Ltd., is a company with independent intellectual property rights, strong R & D strength and strength of the team, committed to the high-end security industry hard work more than 10 years of outstanding enterprises, state-level high-tech enterprises.

1.  Enterprise R & D Capability

Enterprise Technology Center is the main body of factory scientific research and development, including 15 people in the technology center, directly engaged in product development 6, 2 people in the development process, engaged in investment decision-making, project management 2, engaged in market analysis, research 1, engaged in product certification , Standard 2 people, laboratory 2 people.

The above staff, senior engineer 3, 7 engineers, 2 assistant engineers. Developers in the main technical leaders 2, the average age of 30 years old.

At the same time the company and a number of domestic universities to cooperate in scientific research cooperation units, in the new product development work, enterprises in accordance with technological development and market demand, and university research institutes and strengthen the exchange and cooperation, through the joint development of design, technology introduction, And so on, so that research and development as soon as possible into productive forces for enterprises to create efficiency.

At present, the research and development of video surveillance products throughout the country have achieved good sales, and a variety of products to obtain national patents and certification.

2. Existing R & D / Production Equipment and Facilities:

Laser night vision, infrared laser, multi-spectral integrated PTZ camera a variety of industry-leading R & D equipment!